Blood Donation is one of a Divine Karma

Blood Donation is one of a Divine Karma not everyone is able to do. With development in medicine technology, more and more requirement of blood to handle complex and simple situations in medical science has aroused almost to 3 times than what it used to be before industrial revolution. The country has a blood deficit of between 30% and 35% every year. In a land of 1.2 billion people it's ridiculous to say we can't meet the requirements. "The problem is not insufficient number of donors, but finding a willing donor at the right time. We want to build a network of people who can help each other during an emergency."

Benefits of Blood Donation

  • Reduces Risk of Cancer
  • Helps in Weight Loss
  • Replenishes Blood
  • Lowers Cholestrol Level
  • Boosts the Production of RBC(Red Blood Cells)
  • Makes the Donor Psychologically Rejuvenated

Frequently Asked Questions

You should weight atleast 50 kgs. You weight should be atleast 18 to 65 years. You should be in good health and feeling well. You should have minimum level of 12.5% Haemoglobin. You should not be suffering from any transmittable diseases. You should not have consumed alcohol 48hrs before donation.
Do not undertake a heavy activity or excercise. Drink lot of liquids to replenish the body fluids.
The App sends donation requests from one user to other users available in the vicinity. You can see the contact details of the requestor and the hospital/ blood bank at which the donation is needed. The request would also mention whether the need is for a specific or a general blood group and the date/time by which donation is needed. Depending upon your availability, you may accept the request.
Yes, you can make request sitting anywhere. The App would automatically send your requests to the nearby donors.
Yes, you can make request sitting anywhere. The App would automatically send your requests to the nearby donors.
You can make such a request. The App will send your request to the specific/ rare blood group donors in the vicinity.
Yes, you can still use the App to make requests for yourself or your friends/ family.
Not enough for you to miss! Each full donation is 350 ml. Your body naturally replaces the lost fluid in a very short time.
Your donation will only be accepted if you are fit and well. Only about 5% of your blood volume is taken and there is usually no weakness or other ill effect. The volume of liquid lost is replaced within 24 hours and the blood cells will take a few weeks to replace themselves.
If you need blood urgently, the hospital will provide it. Most hospitals like to replace blood given to patients by donations from the relatives or friends of the patient.
Some medications, or the medical conditions they are prescribed for, may mean that you cannot donate. Others may be perfectly alright.
Never stop taking your medication just to donate blood.
You should always drink lots of liquids before and after you donate – but not alcohol. Eat regular meals and let your blood centre know if you have missed your normal meal or if you are on a diet.
is best that you do not smoke for two hours after donating, as it can cause dizziness or even make you faint.
Yes. Your friend may be interested when he or she sees how painless and simple it is to give blood.
Yes, as long as you have the full rest and some refreshments before you leave the blood donation session. On rare occasions, people can faint sometime after donating blood. So if you are in an occupation where this can endanger yourself or others you should not go to duty after giving blood that day. If you drive a lorry or a train, for instance, all work for the emergency services, or your work involves height, you should not go to work on the day you donate blood you should come give blood at the end of your shift.


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